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Bridging generational knowledge with modern technology

A unified management solution to integrate and aggregate data across orchards, farms, and processors

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Custom tracking & scouting capabilities 

Determine and mitigate problems early in the growing season before they affect crop yields
Real-time data acquisition from the field simplifies decision making and response times 
Whether it's pre-harvest samples like starch, brix, and pressures, or tagging the location of pest damage and tracking crop growth, you are in control of what you record
Map each block or farm using built in iOS capabilities to gather GPS coordinates 

Crop Estimates 

Fully customizable estimate data points

Forecast crop yields using dynamic estimate inputs that are defined by farm management    
Estimates can be entered in the field using the Harvest Engine mobile app or on a computer using our web portal
Offers farmers the flexibility to create and update estimates throughout the growing season 
Estimates are input by block or field 
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Harvest Planning

Storage planning, grower pooling, & pick scheduling

Create and maintain storage plans based on crop estimates
Organize grower pooling based on estimates and scouting reports
Schedule picks in advance or on the fly using Harvest Engine mobile
Push notifications alert growers to changes to their harvest planning schedule


Receive product in the field or at the Pack House

Receive in the field at the landing or at the pack house
Standardized receiving process prevents data entry errors
Streamlined receiving process reduces the need for additional employees during harvest
Offers receiving crews enhanced visibility into load scheduling and receiving times
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Quality Control

Obtain crop quality reports in real-time 

QC data is available in real time to growers
Saves overhead cost with the ability to take more samples with less employees
QC standardization prevents data inaccuracies and enhances the ability to make educated business decisions  
Fully customizable data inputs and sample counts

Harvest Engine
Web Portal

Enhanced access to vital operational data

Increases employee efficiency and productivity through automation & real time access to field data
Consolidate a wide range of reports into one location
Extract key metrics from data that is of great value to farm operations 
Customizable reports to fit the needs of the farm
Streamlines day to day processes
Reduces paper process though digitization of forms and workflow
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Working closely with vendors and by building custom software, Kragworks provides robust integrations into existing ERP, WMS, or CRM systems or into custom built on demand software.  Utilizing not only the experience each partner has within the agriculture technology and warehousing industries, Kragworks builds and implements its software with extensive input from the individual farmer.  By closely working with each farm and its principal operators, Kragworks is able to help each specific customer find the value in their crop data by creating data warehouses, user friendly dashboards, and reporting systems to meet all of the respective needs of the farm

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