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Preserving Generational Knowledge with Generative AI

Unlock the potential of your farm with an instant AI advisor.  Ask, learn, and grow with AI-driven insights at your fingertips.

Harvest Engine® Modules

Welcome to Harvest Engine, your comprehensive Farm and Pack House Management software suite designed to streamline every aspect of your agricultural operations. Built with modularity in mind, Harvest Engine offers a customizable solution tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to subscribe to the modules that best suit your requirements.

Field Scouting

Stay informed and proactive with real-time insights into field conditions, pest activity, and crop health, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that maximize yield and minimize risks


Crop Estimates

Accurately forecast crop yields and resource requirements, empowering you to plan effectively and optimize resource allocation for enhanced profitability

Harvest & Storage Planning

Streamline your harvest operations with intuitive planning tools that ensure timely and efficient harvesting, minimizing waste and maximizing freshness

Receiving Logistics

Seamlessly manage the intake of harvested produce, with robust features for tracking deliveries, assessing quality, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards

Quality Control

Maintain the highest standards of product quality and consistency with comprehensive quality control features that enable you to monitor, track, and address any issues promptly

Inventory Management

Take full control of your inventory with advanced tracking and management capabilities, ensuring precise stock level monitoring and efficient management to meet your needs

Spray Recommendations (2024)

Make informed decisions regarding pest and disease management with tailored spray recommendations based on real-time data and expert analysis, optimizing effectiveness while minimizing environmental impact

Harvest Engine® AI

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