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Harvest Engine - Scouting & Farm Features

Before I attempt to explain what a Farm Feature is, let me give you a little back story to how we got here. About three years ago, we set out to see exactly how a couple of web developers could utilize our skill sets while lending a helping hand to farmers and packhouses in the Yakima Valley and beyond. Armed with a passion to create something special and a genuine love for farming, we received a request to develop a scouting app. From this simple scouting app, the Harvest Engine® platform was born! Today it is a comprehensive Farm Management System (FMS) coupled with a Warehouse Management System (WMS), that is ever evolving as new request's arise. This leads us back to the initial question. What is a Farm Feature? The easy answer is, it’s whatever you want it to be! It can be a be wind machine with a maintenance recording system, it can be a trap with a geofence setup around it, a kiln for hops, a propane tank, an outhouse or a hand washing station (think GLOBALG.A.P), the list is as long as your imagination allows it to be. That is exactly what we set out to accomplish, we never wanted to tell a farmer or fieldman what to do or how to do it. We listen to your needs and work side by side to create simple solutions.


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